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m-c daffos
Marie-Catherine Daffos
diplômée de l'Ecole du Louvre.
membre de la Chambre Européenne
des Experts Conseils en oeuvres d'Art
Jean-Luc Estournel
diplômé de recherche de l'Ecole du Louvre
membre de la
Compagnie Nationale des Experts

Since 1993, we assist various Auctioneers and Auction Houses in the selection of objects, the cataloguing and the organization of their sales of Tribal Art and Asian Art.

The growing development of this activity forced us to put an end to that of art dealers who had been ours since 1984.

In parallel with this activity with Auctioneers and Auction Houses, we also provide a consulting service to individuals or institutions wishing to:
- Know the value of their works of art patrimony
- Insure or reassure their collections
- Prepare their estate or share their heritage
- Obtain advice or assistance with the purchase or sale of an art object.
Our sphere of activity also extends to the technical assistance for the organization of exhibitions and collections inventories.

For all these operations, our professional secrecy guarantees the strictest confidentiality.

If you wish to sell an art object :

After examination and estimate, we will try to propose you the solution which we will judge the most advantageous for you, through an Auction House, or directly to an amateur looking for such a works of art.

If you search for an art object :

After analyzing your wish, we will search through our network of private collectors and market professionals to try to provide you with an optimal quality piece.

If you plan to build a collection :
After analyzing your taste and objectives in this area, we can if you wish to accompany you in your choices by putting our experience of the market at your service and offer you the works that we deem most suitable to your requirements.
If you want to create a corporate collection :
We can also assist you in finding and choosing acquisitions.
If you wish :
- Entrust us with an object for sale
- Ask us to search for you an object,
- Or simply meet us,
It is essential to make an appointment
+ 33 6 09 22 55 13



For any request for expertise :

You can initially send us photographs of your objects and we will then give you a first opinion wich will of course be confirmed by a review of the works themselves.
These documents can be sent to us either by e-mail or by mail to our postal address :


Cabinet Daffos-Estournel
91, rue du  Faubourg Saint Honore
75008 Paris

- The oral opinions and exams of photographs are free
- The sent documents are returned, only if theya re accompanied by stamped envelopes for this purpose.


- For any written document (Sharing, Insurance, ...) as well as for other consulting operations, the amount of the fees is to be agreed in advance depensing on the project.



Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you and answer your questions.



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